The £285 wedding cake

Who said wedding cakes have to be expensive?

This delicious and striking three-tier wedding cake serves 80 people. It has a wonderfully light Victoria sponge filling, comes in six elegant colours – white, baby pink, lilac, ivory, red and teal – and can be made to order with just 48 hours’ notice. Plus, we can deliver it straight to your door.
What’s more, you can customise it to suit you and your wedding.

What if I have more than 80 guests?

You can simply purchase one of the following cutting cakes, which will be iced in the same colour as your main three-tier cake:

What if I want a different filling?

No problem. You can choose from a range of decadent fillings, and even have a different filling for each of your three tiers for the great-value fixed price of £5. Just tell us which of the following flavours tickle your fancy:
Lemon drizzle | toffee | red velvet | chocolate fudge | chocolate almond | chocolate orange | coconut | coffee cream | coffee & walnut | carrot cake | white chocolate | white chocolate and fresh raspberries.